Genting Bike Fest 2017

Genting Bike Fest on 9th April 2017
In conjunction to the Genting Bike Fest 2017 on 9th April , a group of enthusiastic CMC Italjet 125 owners took the liberty to make a day convoy ride up to Genting to be part of the celebration.
After a hearty breakfast in Rawang, the Italjet 125 convoy proceeded to ride up to Gotong Jaya in an orderly manner complying with traffic regulations.
At the fest,mingling with other riders who made the ride up was part of the day’s job. It was also customary to have some pep talk with the various stall vendors selling souvenirs, and from apparels to lubricants and the likes.
It would not do justice to the Italjet 125 owners if a spin up to the summit of Genting Highlands was not undertaken. At the top, amid the clouds, the achievement feeling paints a picture of what a perfect ride it has been.
Soon, with looming dark clouds and imminent afternoon rain, it was time to make the descend back to Kuala Lumpur. The end of another fun-filled and exciting ride on the Italjet 125.